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Local beach businesses say rain isn't bad

PENSACOLA BEACH -- It has rained almost every day since summer began and we're well ahead of the average rainfall amounts for this time of the year. But it's not all doom and gloom for businesses on Pensacola Beach.
During the summer time people swarm Pensacola Beach, but we all know that Florida weather can be a little tricky, but beach businesses say the rain isn't such a bad thing."
Rhea Crawford said, "Today, yesterday, and the day before it was just off and on. You really couldn't plan anything you just had to run out there when you had the chance."
Rhea Crawford is vacationing from Texas. He planned to spend his time on the beach but ended up in bars and shopping centers to avoid the rain.   
"We've just been sitting in the room or sitting down in the lobby or driving around to shops until the rain stops. Other than that not a lot of beach time,” said Crawford.
Tom Carmichael co-owner of Captain Funs Beach Club said the rain might be bad for planning beach time. But his business has benefitted.
Carmichael said, "Would I like a little more sunshine?  Yes, I’d like that especially for our local community, but it hasn't killed the business on the beach."
Gisele Ronquillo agrees. She's been working at Alvin’s Island for the past two years and says this month they've had to bring in extra workers to man the registers. All thanks to the rainy weather.
Gisele Ronquillo said, "It makes business boom a lot. They all say well let’s just go indoors for a bit maybe it will stop. And a lot of times it does in 30 minutes, but once you're in the store you start looking around and it really does help."
Experts say if you plan a destination vacation to also plan some indoor activities.