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New Alabama gun laws go into effect August 1st

ALABAMA   --  New Alabama gun laws will make sure law-abiding people will have more access to their firearms.
The new changes include...
No longer needing a permit  to have your gun in your vehicle, if it's not loaded.
You can carry a pistol without a permit if you don't conceal it.
You don't have to be an Alabama resident or US citizen to obtain a conceal-carry permit.
And  employers can't be sued for gun-related damages on their property.

"New gun laws in Alabama will now allow employees to keep their guns hidden in their cars at their work place."
Before the new law Alabama employers were able to ban firearms from their property.
Not anymore as long as the pistols remain in a locked car employees will be able to bring their guns at least in the parking lot.
The employer will won't be blamed for any damages or injuries that may occur and still have the right to ban weapons from the building.
Kenny Ping owner of Ken's Radiator Shop in Seminole says he's always allowed his employees to leave their guns in their cars.  If they had proper permits.

"My guys a lot of them already have concealed permits and they are very respectful to the law."
Bob Baker  "Criminals shouldn't have guns but honest people should have guns to defend themselves and their homes it's that simple it's our Second Amendment right. "He says this insures Second Amendment rights and supports the new changes.
People with hunting licenses will be allowed to keep unloaded rifles and shotguns in their vehicles but only during hunting season,
Others in favor of the changes say they should've been made a long time ago.
" I'm very responsible and there is a lot of people in Alabama and America who are responsible."

Judy Bloodsworth  "Now a days you don't ever know what's going to happen . You don't ever know if somebody is going to walk in and pull a gun on you."
Firearms are still banned from government buildings and mental heath facilities,
"The new gun law will go into effect on August 1st. "