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Update on hundreds of cats seized in Milton

MILTON   --  An update now on the seizure of more than two-hundred cats from a home in Milton.
The people who lived there, Allan and Ella Kirkham said they ran a rescue organization.
More than half those cats have been euthanized.
The county Animal Shelter needs help caring for the survivors.

"Currently the animal shelter has around 300-animals and they're filled to capacity. 66-of those are the cats that were rescued and held in quarantine, now they are in desperate need of litter and food."
The surviving cats are sick with various medical issues and are still in quarantine behind closed doors unable to be adopted.

Tara Deagulera  "Feline Leukemia is a contagious disease to other cats so that's something we're looking at right now as far as their veterinarian care then we'll asses them as time goes on."
This time of year the shelter is always packed full of animals, especially kittens and puppies,  they all need the same thing....attention and homes.
The 66- cats alone go through nearly 150-pounds of litter a day..
It has to be constantly  changed due to their illnesses.
The shelter is now in need of donations for the kitties.   They need special food for their digestive track.

"The main things we're asking for is a Purina One Cat Chow, something with not a lot of additives in it, so that it's better for their tummies and we also need litter because we are going through that like crazy and newspapers because we use that to line the cat areas."

"If you would like to donate any of these items you can do so just bring it to the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter on Pine Forest Road in Milton.

Allan and Ella Kirkham were arrested on July 1st.
That's the same day a new animal cruelty law took effect in Florida.
It says a person can be charged with separate counts for each act of cruelty and for every animal harmed.
The State Attorney's office says the Kirkhams will be charged under the new law which will result in more charges against them.