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Key provision of Obamacare delayed for one year

Many businesses are breathing a big sigh of relief now that the White House has given them another year to comply with a key provision of Obamacare.

Several of the businesses that belong to the Greater Pensacola Chamber Of Commerce have one man they go to when they need help with things like Obamacare.

Ted Kirchharr, COO, Landrum Professional: "I don't think anybody anticipated this happening."
Ted Kirchhar was surprised by the White House's move to delay a key portion of the Affordable Care Act.
Kircharr is the Chief Operating Officer for Landrum professional.
The company provides multiple services to nearly 100 businesses in Northwest Florida, including human resources and benefits administration.

Ted Kirchharr, COO, Landrum Professional: "It is gonna be nice for folks to get some time to digest all this."
Starting next year, businesses with more than 50 full-time workers would have had to provide health insurance for their employees or be penalized.
They now have until 2015 to comply with that provision, which many business owners say is very complex.

Ted Kirchharr, COO, Landrum Professional: "There were really three parts to this: One was offering coverage at all.  That was kind of the first test. The second test was offering adequate coverage. And there was a definition around what adequate coverage meant. And the third one was, is it affordable?"

Most medium-sized and large businesses already offer health insurance.
Analysts say the mandate was expected to have the biggest consequences for hotels, restaurants and retail stores that employee a lot of low wage workers.

Some had threatened to cut hours and others said they were putting off hiring.
Angelynn Collazo, Voter: "I do know a lot of people that don't have healthcare."
Voters we spoke with had mixed feelings on the delay of the provision.
Angelynn Collazo, Voter: "There's a lot of people in need and I think that there's always gonna be something going on that they delay."

Chriss Wyatt, Voter: "I'm a little concerned just about Obamacare in general. I'm opposed to saying you have to do this and we're gonna punish you monetarily if you don't."

The rest of the Affordable Care Act is going into effect on time including the requirement for individuals to carry health insurance starting next year or face fines.