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Verdict watch: Zimmerman trial day two

SANFORD, Fla. -- Americans are waiting for a verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman. The neighborhood vigilante shot Trayvon Martin... an unarmed teenager last year. A jury weighed for a second day whether a crime was committed.
George Zimmerman - returning to court today- waiting to learn his fate. On the 2nd day of deliberations in his murder trial. The jury still hasn't reached a verdict.
Outside of the Seminole County Courthouse: A small group of demonstrators - From around the state-
"He needs to be convicted of 2nd degree murder not manslaughter."
Sot Casey David Cole, Sr. said,"I believe George Zimmerman is an innocent man."
Making their thoughts known. Inside- the jury of 6 women - told to leave their emotions out- spending the day weighing the details of the case- George Zimmerman says he shot and killed Trayvon martin in self-defense.  The prosecution calls that claim a lie -saying he targeted the 17-year-old.The jury with so much to consider - sent a request to the judge yesterday
“It's in the form of a request from the jury. It says is there an inventory list of the evidence by number and description,” said Judge Nelson.
Jury consultant Susan Constantine says that -along with how much time has already gone by - gives - some insight into what is happening in that locked room on the 3rd floor.
"So longer they are in deliberations, something is telling me, someone is holding back, or they want to make sure that they walk through every bit of evidence to make sure that they are rendering the right verdict," said Constantine.
Zimmerman - wearing a slight smile on his face today - could walk from this courthouse a free man.
If convicted of the highest charge of 2nd degree murder - he faces the possibility of life in prison
It’ll be up to the jury to decide how late they continue tonight.  Already they've deliberated longer than the jury in the Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson trials.