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Santa Rosa County neighborhood hopes flooding solution is close

SANTA ROSA COUNTY   --  One neighborhood in Gulf Breeze is very sensitive to the dangers of flash flooding and extended periods of heavy rain.
Residents on Ramblewood Drive have been calling for help from Santa Rosa County for years now.
Any time the storm clouds roll in, and the forecast is for heavy rain, the folks in this neighborhood of Highway 98 in Gulf Breeze get concerned.

These two houses have flooded several times when the rains hit, and the county is hoping to alleviate that issue by taking these two homes, buying them, tearing them down and turning them into a retention pond.

The water rolls down the hill  surging off Highway 98 and onto Ramblewood Drive.

Craig Baird/Selling home to Santa Rosa County
"The flow of water off of the highway, and from some of these businesses, comes down here and I mean this area just can't handle all of it."

Shirley Barber/Lives on Ramblewood
"We have got to get drainage down here. All these homes are nice, and they need to have piece of mind and not worry every time it thunders of lightning's outside."

The flooding in June of 2012 rushed into the home of Shirley Barber and her neighbor Becky Dorris.
Both suffered substantial damage and it wasn't the first time.

Craig Baird/Selling home to Santa Rosa County
"Neighbor across the street Shirley, I mean she's flooded five times. And Becky next door to her, I know of at least three times. So yeah, it absolutely becomes an issue."

Shirley Barber/Lives on Ramblewood
"I mean the last time it flooded we had to carry our dogs out, and I had our youngest granddaughter fell down the water was so deep we had to pull her up out of the water it was gushing so fastly. I mean somebody could have gotten hurt, or really drowned, it was that deep."

The county has been working on drainage issues in surrounding neighborhoods.
The hold up on Ramblewood has been the county needing to aquire two properties.   It's a process that has taken three years.

Now they've reached an agreement to buy the homes of Craig Baird and his next-door neighbor.   And it looks like a solution is just around the corner.

Shirley Barber/Lives on Ramblewood
"We all pay good property tax. They should have done something. We had a small little drainage put down, as you can see over here, and it won't take it... It doesn't take it."

Craig Baird/Selling home to Santa Rosa County
"I'm glad the county commission has decided to go ahead with this process. It lets us know where we stand, and it will help the neighbors in this subdivision." 

The plan is for the owners of these two homes to be out by September so the county can finally complete this drainage project on Ramblewood.