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Juror speaks out about Zimmerman trial

An exclusive ABC  interview with juror B-29, the only minority juror in the murder trial of George Zimmerman.   She is the first juror to step out of the shadows and explain what went on in those days in the courtroom and then--the deliberation that declared Zimmerman not guilty.
George Zimmerman got away with murder.  But you can't get away from God.  She was known only as juror B-29, but now Maddy has broken her silence, speaking with ABC’s Robin Roberts about her part in acquitting George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin.
Juror B-29: My first vote was second-degree murder.
Robin Roberts: How did you go from-- in nine hours from feeling he was guilty of second-degree murder to not guilty?
Juror B-29: It was hard.  A lot of us that wanted to find something bad-- something that we could connect to the law because for myself he's guilty.
Robin Roberts: He's guilty of?
Juror B-29: Killing Trayvon Martin.  But we couldn't prove that intentionally he killed him.  And that's the way the-- the law was read to me.
This nurse's aide and mother of eight says she struggled with reconciling the law with her heart.
Juror B-29: I want Trayvon's m-- mom to know that I’m hurting. And if she had thought that nobody cared about her son, I could speak for myself.  I do care. But I couldn't do anything about it. And I felt like I let a lot of people down.  If I woulda used my heart I probably woulda went a hung jury.
Maddy never planned to come forward, but after another juror spoke in a way that didn't reflect her feelings, she felt she needed to get this message
Juror b-29: Trayvon Martin will always be in my heart.
Trayvon's mother said it was devastating to hear what she already knew in her heart--she has launched the Trayvon Martin Foundation she says to "try and take something very painful...And turn it into something positive.”