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Crestview woman faces charges for leaving kids in car while shopping

CRESTVIEW   --  A Crestview woman faces three counts of child neglect after leaving her children alone in a parked car.

Police say Amanda White left three young children alone in the Walmart parking lot in Crestview.
How the mother explained the incident to police.
Laura Hussey "The parking lot here at the Crestview Walmart is a busy place, just about any time of day. On May 8, a customer was walking into the store when she noticed three children alone in a car, right here in this parking space. One of them waved at her"
Their mom, Amanda White, told police she was just running in to order a birthday cake.
She told them her one-month-old and one-year-old were sleeping, so she asked the five year old to watch them.
Surveillance tapes show she was inside for 23 minutes.
Yvonne Warren "That is child abuse and child cruelty" 

 Yvonne Warren "I don't understand people's logic when it comes to their children and leaving them in a hot car. I mean they could get overheated"
It was 7:45 in the morning on May 8.
The police report says white left the windows down and the keys in the ignition, so the five year old could turn on the air conditioning if he needed to.

Don Hattaway "That's even worse, because somebody could have, could take the car and take the kids with them, they've done that before"
Walmart management says when they're notified about something like this, they try to get the person's attention with an in-store page of their license plate number.
Then they call the police, as they did in this case.
 Don Hattaway "I've got 13 grandkids and one great-great grandkid. There's no way I'd leave a kid in the car"
Amanda White's mother told us her daughter doesn't want to comment, but deeply regrets her decision.
She says White is going to counseling and taking parenting classes.
Laura Hussey "Crestview police say they have a couple of cases like this every year. Both police and the management team here say with animals, it happens all the time.