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Purse stolen from woman's grocery cart

PENSACOLA -- A woman who says she turned her back for a split second in the fresh market. Had her purse snatched from her grocery cart yesterday.

She is thanking her 11-year old son and store employee's for chasing the thief down and returning her hand bag.

Channel 3's Amber Southard spoke to the woman today about the how she quickly became of victim of theft.

Employees say a woman was shopping she had her purse up here with items on top and when she turned to look on a shelf that's when her purse was taken.

"I looked over and there was the suspect running away and immediately i knew what happened," said victim Diana Pereira.   

Diana's 11-year old son Sebastian Pereira witnessed everything and took off after the purse snatcher Jeremy Borth.

"Before I knew it I was just on my feet chasing him. I was screaming 'hey give me my mom's purse back'."   
Gina figured is a front end manager at fresh market..

She heard Sebastian screaming and then watched him run out the door after Borth.  She and two other employee's followed.

Gina said, "He kind of gave us the glare like follow me and you're not going to be able too."

What borth didn't know...Gina is a former marine an a marathon runner.

Gina figured "My thought was catch him and make him return the purse."

"I was worried he was probably trying to hurt me or something, but it wasn't half as much as bad as having him take my mom's money and stuff."

The group chased Borth into the nearby woods where they called police.

Law enforcement was able to catch Borth and return Diana's purse.

Gina figured "Yes! It was a feeling of hey that's one person that got their things back. Holy crap this has been a crazy day but i'm glad we got the purse back."

"It was amazing to me that everybody pulled together, " said Diana.
To diana's surprise nothing was missing.

Diana said,  "All of your id's all of your insurance cards all of those things are very difficult to get back and it would've taken months, so it was a relief to not have to go through that process."

Borth was charged with one count of grand theft and one count of resisting arrest without violence. His bond was set at $3,000.