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How money could buy you a smile

You might be feeling happy today -- because it's Friday.  But what about all of the other days of the week?  Maybe money can buy you a little happiness. 

Stacey Cohan is in Washington with the story.

This goes against all of the conventional wisdom -- but there are apparently ways to buy yourself a smile.

A researcher at Harvard says buying things at the mall won't do it.  But spending some money on experiences -- like travel or concert tickets -- can give you a real boost both leading up to the event and afterwards.

And how about ditching all the self-help guides?  A study out of Zurich shows people who spend time focusing on their strengths instead of perceived faults -- are happier overall.

Ditching your car can also give you a lift.  People who walk or bike to the office are happier overall -- according to a study of 800 people in Portland, Oregon.

You get the endorphin rush of exercise and you avoid the daily grind of traffic gridlock.

And since it's Friday night -- might I suggest watching a movie?  Specifically -- a tearjerker.  A study done by Ohio State finds people who experienced sadness in movies reportedly feel better about their own lives.