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Lincoln Park Elementary School expected to have failing test scores

ESCAMBIA COUNTY    -- For the second year in a row, Lincoln Park Elementary School is projected to receive failing test scores

By state law, the district now has to step in and take action so here's the plan.
Lincoln Park Elementary's faculty and teachers will be reassigned and the district will hire new staff for the school.
The school will be turned into a Pre-k through 2nd grade school.
That means grades 3 through 5 will be transferred to nearby schools.
Lincoln Park students are out for the summer.
And they were expecting to come back this August but that won't be the case for many of them.

More than a hundred kids will have to finish elementary school someplace else...
Parents and teachers said they tried so hard to turn the school around and they felt they could've if they were given more time and resources.

The Simeons are proud of their son's report card.
Joshua wrapped up second grade at Lincoln Park Elementary school in the honor roll.

Monique Simeon, Son Goes To Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park has been very fundamental for Joshua.  Its been a great place for him to grow.

He's expecting to see his friends next year his teachers...
But now Joshua will have to be a third grader somewhere else.
Superintendent Malcolm Thomas doesn't think closing down the school is good for the community.

By moving the older kids to higher performing schools with more resources...
The school can focus on the primary grades.

Malcolm Thomas, Cover Sot With Video
20 percent of our students begin kindergarten significantly not ready - more than 2 years behind -  many of them are in Lincoln Park - so to set up a center - focused on how do you address that - how to solve that problem - this is an opportunity.

The decision came as a surprise.
The school marquee says it's still registering 5th graders for the upcoming school.
And many say it should stay that way for everyone's convenience.

Earl Jackson
A lot of people depend on one another - the little brother looking out for big brother and big brother looking out for little brother -s o it's just easier that way.

No one is in favor of a failing school and many agree something had to be done.
Just not this.
Monique Simeon would've liked to see the district find some way to keep her son going to Lincoln Park.

Go ahead and remove the administration if you have to - but leave the school's foundation there for children and the community to finish up their school to make a better transition from Lincoln Park

The older students will be transferred to any of four schools in the area:
Either Brentwood, Ensley, Longleaf or Pine Meadow.
And the district says parents will have a say.