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5th grades bring Marsville to Eglin Air Force Base

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE   --  Hundreds of fifth graders took over a hangar on Eglin Air Force Base today transforming it into a simulated colony on Mars.
"Marsville" isn't your average field trip.
Laura Hussey "What would it take to survive on Mars? That's the question some local fifth graders were asked. This colony is their answer."      

Marsville is made of plastic sheeting and duct tape, but don't let the building materials fool you.
Planning this intergalactic outpost was serious business.

Eric Arias/Baker School "We might have too many people on Earth, and we might need another planet for people to live on."

How could you provide air on Mars?
How about safe drinking water?

The kids solved the problems and made mock-ups of their systems.

Shailey Nielson/Longwood Elem. "My system is communications, we use satellite phones, it doesn't involve radio waves."

Madison Melanson/Baker School "We designed a solar powered windmill which would bring the energy to the cave."

Marsville's mission is to get kids excited about science, technology and math....the so-called stem subjects.

Katie Eichling/Eglin Environmental Management "Because the Air Force is obviously looking for more science and math-minded students to be involved in the F35 project, working at AFRL where we have the labs."

The kids got a close look at bomb disposal robots, and of course the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
As for colonizing the red planet they'll work on it.

Shailey "We're actually trying to go up to Mars but not like today."

Laura Hussey "Colony on Mars, no problem. It just proves that MacGyver was right, you can make everything with duct tape."