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Breast Cancer Genetic testing

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Frances Yeo -- a longtime local leader -- had the same genetic testing as Jolie.
Yeo also tested positive for the breast cancer gene. She says that knowledge saved her life.

Yeo told me she was so excited to hear about Jolie's decision to go public with what she calls her very pro-active health decisions.
Yeo made the same ones, not long ago.

When Frances Yeo tested positive for the breast cancer gene -- she wasn't upset she was empowered.

(("You know what that does, it gives you choices.  The earlier you find this, the more choices you have."))

Because of her family history and her own previous breast cancer battle, Yeo's doctor told her to have her ovaries and breasts removed.

During her surgery to have her ovaries taken out doctors found a cancerous tumor.

Yeo then got breast cancer again in both breasts.
She credits testing with getting in front of all three malignancies.
Radiation oncology nurse Pat Liebenguth has been testing patients for the breast cancer genes since 2005.
She says Jolie's choice to go public with her positive test and surgeries is a brave, and welcome one.

(("I just hope it makes more people aware that the genetic test is out there for those with a strong family history."))

Liebenguth says most of the time insurance pays for the tests if a patient has a family history.

She says most patients who test positive for the Braca genes -- if they are finished having children -- choose -- like Jolie --to have the preventive double mastectomies.

Liebenguth says she has had a patient as young as 26 opt for that aggressive option.

(("It's not as extreme as having cancer, keep laugh."))
Yeo says each patient must be their own advocate,  ask tons of questions, do research and then decide for yourself.

(("I'm just thrilled to be alive, every single day."
If you have a strong family history of breast cancer, want to be tested, but do not have insurance there are several foundations that pay for testing.
We have those links for you on our website.
For more information about breast cancer,  treatment options and a direct link to the American Cancer Society.
Head over to our website weartv.com and click on Buddy Check under the News tab.