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Local woman whose daughter's home destroyed by Oklahoma twister

PENSACOLA -- Over the past 24 hours, many of us really counted our blessings.
But for a Milton family, the damage hit way too close to home.

Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth joins us with their story.

The damage may be miles away from here, but many people in this area have ties to victims in that area.
For Chris Wentzell, the past day has been downright terrifying. Her daughter was right in the path of the tornado, and her home completely destroyed.

Chris Wentzel received this text Monday from her daughter.
"I receive this message, rotation heading our way, dogs are in the closet, please say a prayer that its missing us."

Her heart dropped and she started praying.

"It was just terrifying, my knees were trembling, I was flipping channels, on Facebook, doing everything I could to get word of my daughter.

As she waited, she watched the coverage and saw that her daughters neighborhood was destroyed.

"I'm seeing the school, I'm seeing the street, I know these houses and they are not there no more, it was just terrifying."
It wasn't until a few hours later she received another text, a text that finally brought some relief.

"We went a long time without any word, and got message that said no house..."

But the good news was everyone was okay.
However, everything was destroyed.

"As we said, you are alive that's all that matters, everything else can be replaced, they lost everything, cars, house, everything is gone...."

As frustrating as it is for Wentzell to be here, she knows so much help is needed in Oklahoma, and she's trying to do her part through social media.

"That's what I've been doing all day, responding thank you for their prayers and wishes, been on my daughters Facebook page, everyone asking what they can do, sending them a brief message.

If you want to help victims in Oklahoma, here's what you can do.
You can donate to the American Red Cross by texting the words "red cross" to 90999 or donate 10 dollars to the Salvation Army by texting to 80888.
You can also donate online or by phone and we have all the information for you at weartv.com