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Gulf Power project to convert Perdido landfill gas into energy

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. -- The county is also working on several energy saving programs at the landfill.    
Channel Three's Anthony Pura shows how the county has been turning trash into treasure for the last three years through the Gulf Power Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project.

This is a 100-watt light bulb and that's the landfill behind me.
Since 2010, the county and gulf power has generated enough energy from that to power this for nearly 7-thousand years.

Randy Raley has a truckload of trash for the Perdido Landfill.

Randy Raley, Pensacola
"We're unloading our debris...we're cleaning out our house."

Like many, he doesn't really give his trash an afterthought.

Randy Reily, Pensacola
"I guess they recyle them I don't know...I don't know man."

Michael Williams, Pensacola
"I had no real idea...figured they grind it up or let it decompose back into the earth."

This is where most of the trash ends up.
Bulldozers work in packing the trash together.
Up above, birds try to pick off a quick meal.
But more than a hundred feet below the ground is where the real action is taking place.
All this trash gives off a lot of methane gas, which is being taken by underground wells, refined, and used to power generators for electricity.

Michael Williams, Pensacola
"That's the route to way go...every little bit helps. if we can recycle material instead of destroying it...and make new stuff that's the way to go."

If trash continues to be dumped on this site, the county says it could double its energy production in the next couple of years. Reporting in Escambia County, Anthony Pura Channel 3 News.