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Wild hogs create havoc in a Crestview neighborhood

Wild hogs are tearing up a Crestview neighborhood and becoming quite a nuisance.
These hogs are not native to the US, but they're making themselves at home.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez explains what neighbors are doing to fix this problem.

Take a look at this, this is an example of what these wild hogs are doing to people's yards in this Crestview neighborhood, and while they've become a nuisance, neighbors here are mostly concerned for their safety.

It's the talk of this neighborhood on Old South Road, wild hogs coming into people's yards at all hours of the day, plowing around and causing a mess.

Doug Wheeler wrote a letter to county commissioners hoping something could be done to get rid of this nuisance.

Bill Dyess has lived in this neighborhood for about five years. He's noticed wild hogs roaming around from time to time, but lately he's noticed there are more than usual.

It's costing him money to re-do his yard every time these hogs come around. While he tries to scare them off, they keep coming back.

A few neighbors got together at Dyess's home to discuss this problem. Crestview Police Chief, Tony Taylor, talked about what property owners can legally do to take care of the problem.
Traps are being set up around the neighborhood, but it could take some time before this problem completely goes away.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is holding a meeting next Thursday to discuss the do's and don't's when dealing with wild hogs. reporting in Crestview, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.

Wild hogs can be hunted year round in Florida on private land.
They can also be trapped year round, as long as individuals register with the Florida Department of Agriculture as a feral swine dealer.