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Florida making millions from red light cameras

Florida is making millions off red light cameras.

The fee for running a red light is $158 dollars.

Two years ago the state made more than $19 million from red light cameras.

Last year it made more than $51 million. And this year, Florida is on track to make more than $84 million.

More and more cities are getting them. There are two cameras in Gulf Breeze.

And this year,  the city is on track to make more than $500,000 off of them. Just like last year.

Milton recently put one up and that camera is projected to make more than $225,000.

Many drivers say they didn't expect the cameras to make that much off violators.

Drivers know to be on their best behavior at this Gulf Breeze intersection.

"I don't run any red lights but I know to be especially careful with that one," said Lauren Holtsman.

It may have to do with these signs posted a few feet before the traffic light.

Stop on red, or smile big for the cameras and wait for the fine.

Maybe it's happened to you, or someone you know.

"I have not, but I have friends who have been," Holtsman said.

"My ex was caught before," said Diana Ibraham. "He don't like to be caught and get a ticket and all that."

More and more cities are taking a shining to the cameras.

There were 25 Florida cities with red light cams at the end of 2010. Now, there are more than 70.

Many say it's just a way for the local and state governments to fill their pockets.

"They've got plenty of law enforcement here. It's a small town. Then, they got the one light with that camera here. It doesn't make sense," Holtsman said.

Others say it does make busy roads safer.

It forces drivers to stop and avoid accidents.

"You don't want to endanger members of the community or children or anything like that. If one person runs them, then everyone runs them typically."

Pensacola is also looking to get red light cameras on some it's busiest intersections. In fact, they have test cameras set up in some of them.