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National Rifle Association marketing targets women

Women and guns.
Pink rifles and concealed carry purses.
It's a growing trend that many people in the gun selling business are trying to capitalize on.

The National Rifle Association is leading an effort to make guns appealing to women.

The NRA has about 5-million members and wants that number to grow with more women members.
Right now women make up less than 10-percent of the organization.
More women are walking into gun shops like this one at Buck and Bass. 
Many of them trying to get their hands on purple and pink guns and accessories.   
Take a look at all these rifles and shot guns notice what stands out? 
That pink rifle is part of a large-scale marketing ploy targeting women
Guns never looked so, 'pretty'.

Rick Bankston - Buck & Bass Owner
"We're seeing more and more and more it is no longer a big boy's toy store, it's for the boys and the girls now"

All this pink isn't by accident.
It's an attempt by gun makers and sellers to bring more women through their doors.
Women like, Shay Martin, a self-described, 'Girly Girl'.

Shay Martin - Gun Owner
"I know that this is something serious but let's keep it cute too for the women.  It makes it easier I think, if it's cute too"
Shay says safety is her top priority, not only for herself, but for her 4-year old daughter.
"I thought I was just taking the classes so I'll know everything there is to know, and then when we went to the shooting range, it turned into a hobby"
The National Rifle Association is promoting its "NRA Women" website that acts as a go-to spot for women to connect with each other, and discuss their concerns over guns.
Nancy Baker, a clerk at Buck and Bass, says she's seen more women looking to buy guns, and get their concealed carry permits.

"Especially after Newtown, and all the violence they see happening here in Pensacola.  We see ladies of all ages young old"
It's that desire for a sense of safety, that's motivated women like Shay to buy her brand new, Glock 27-40 Caliber gun.
To help keep her and her family safe.
The NRA hopes to have half a million women members by 2014.