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Syrian escalation

(ABC)  -  There is growing worry that Syria's bloody civil war could spread to other countries.

The Syrian regime is vowing retaliation for weekend airstrikes - they accuse Israel of launching-- on military targets in and around Damascus.

An Israeli source says the attack was on missiles bound for terrorists.
Fireballs and explosions lit up the night sky over the Syrian capital of Damascus

The aftermath of airstrikes reportedly aimed at Iranian-made missiles bound for Israel's enemies.

The attack -- which U.S. sources say was ordered by Israel -- reportedly hit a research center  along with the missiles.

A Syrian activist group says more than 40 government soldiers were killed. President Bashar al-Assad said it was an "Act of War," and is warning of retaliation.

The Israeli government has not claimed responsibility, but officials say the strikes were aimed at keeping the weapons out of hands of Hezbollah -a terrorist group and sworn enemy of Israel.

In an interview with Telemundo, President Obama said Israel has the right to defend herself.

The Israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

Mr. Obama has been weighing providing military support for the rebels fighting a civil war against Assad. Some members of Congress want the President to act now!.

Establish a safe zone, and to protect it, and supply weapons to the right people in Syria.

But the president has been hesitant to arm the rebels because he doesn't want weapons falling into the hands of anti American extremists.

Fearing Syrian retaliation, Israel moved defensive missile batteries  to its north, but their prime minister continued his trip to China, suggesting they don't expect an immediate counter attack.