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Cleveland incident has people asking "How well do you know your neighbors?"

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  People who live near that Cleveland home say they had no idea three women were being held captive.
This incident might have made you ask yourself how well do you know your neighbors?

"When most of us get ready to go to work in the morning we might give our neighbors a quick wave, but how many of us really know our neighbors?"
Joey Forgione doesn't know who lives next door to him..
Joey Forgione  "It's kind of awkward  when you see them because we don't say anything and we just kind of mind our own business."
But he says after watching what happened in Ohio three women held captive for a decade in this neighborhood and how one of the neighbors, Charles Ramsey was fooled.

CNN: I barbecued with this dude. We eat ribs and what not, listen to salsa music. You see where I'm coming from?    
Joey is rethinking his decision about not  knowing  who lives next door.

"It's kind of weird thinking about if it was one of your neighbors and you didn't know anything had happened."

Elaine Whittwer  'We're hi. How are you? Do you need anything?"
Elaine Whittwer has lived in the Scenic Hills community for nearly 26 years.
She's seen a few neighbors come and go..
But says she makes a point to get to know each and everyone.     
"We look out for one another."
Roger Prichard lives in a neighborhood nearby Elaines.
He's lived in his home for 27 years and only really knows neighbors to either side of his home.

Roger Prichard  "We have conversations from time to time it's more than just saying hi."
Most people we spoke with are just like Roger.
Only knowing those they share property lines with..
But still say they have close bonds and even call their neighbors friends .
Ann Patrick "Where we live we really know our neighbors. We go out to dinner, we visit them if they're in the hospital, and we have them over at Christmas, Thanksgiving that type of thing."

Sohia Poerner  "Some of our neighbor are a little older, so we check in on them and we make sure that if they need anything that we're there for them and they do the same for us."
"If you'd like to get to  know your neighbors more a lot of neighborhoods offer Neighborhood Watch teams or other associations.