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Wright Elementary students write a book on "Sandy Hook students"

FORT WALTON BEACH   --  They're only in the first grade but they've created a heart-felt tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.
Some of the young writers who poured their hearts into the project.

"In the hallways at Wright Elementary, you can see the nods to childhood innocence on the wall, all the artwork. But things have changed since Sandy Hook. The classroom doors are locked."
Faces of angels, taken in a way that's impossible to understand.
First Grade Teacher Kim de Venny says her heart broke for the families, and the teachers.
Kim de Venny/Teacher "I just couldn't imagine what they were going through, and it made me the next day hug my kids a little tighter, and them all I loved them so much."
Every year, de Venny's class writes a book.
They decided to make this year's project a celebration of those who lost their lives.

It's called "From the Hearts Of Hidden Angels."
Hayden Neumann/Age 7 "I just wanted to see smiles on everybody's faces"
The publisher chose the class because of their plan to match each young writer with a child who had similar interests.

Emma Chandler/ Age 7 "So it can make the people that their family feel happy."
Seven year old Artist Hayden Neumann wrote in honor of Allison, who also loved to draw.
He can imagine what her pictures looked like.
Hayden "Princesses and unicorns, something like that."
Teachers and administrators wrote pages for the adult victims.
de Venny honored the selfless actions of another first grade teacher.

Kim "Protecting her children. Doing the best she can to make sure her kids were safe. That's what any teacher would do."
Emma Chandler feels loved and safe in Miss de Venny's class.
She believes that's how the Sandy Hook Angels feel too.

Emma "They still have their teacher and that's good because she loves them and she'll protect them up there."
"Every single detail about this book is heartfelt, look at this. One of the teachers drew these hearts and angel wings by hand on every single page.