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Fort Walton Beach apartments has different kind of neighbor

FORT WALTON BEACH   --  More than a hundred residents of an apartment complex in Fort Walton Beach have a different kind of neighbor  one they have come to love.
Even though she has very sharp teeth and a hard scaled back .
Bears, raccoons and snakes. They're animals you expect to find in this area.  But not Ally.

Mark Justiss- Resident
"Some kids enjoy seeing here. They are fascinated. They like to be this close to her."

Nestled in the center of this apartment community, lives Ally the alligator. So named by those who live here.

Britany Sanchez- Resident
"We come out and watch her and she looks back at us."

It's not entirely clear how Ally got here.
Mark Justiss- Resident
"We think she was a pet of a military member who was a friend of a guest."

But the residents consider Ally a member  of their families.
Britany Sanchez- Resident
"She's not a danger or a nuisance. She just chills here."

Britany Sanchez's 6 year old son Dominic loves watching the gator float through the water and occasionally catching a fish in its mouth.

Britany Sanchez- Resident
"She was a reason why we moved here."
The management here at the Heather Glenn Apartments have taken several steps to ensure the safety of all their residents.

Mark Justiss- Resident
"The staff contacted each resident in writing and told them that the animal was on the property."

There's also several signs and a fence that surrounds the entire pond.
Ally will enjoy a few more hours swimming in the retention pond here- the Florida Wildlife Commission is coming to pick her up Thursday.