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Florida's crackdown on spice and bath salts

FLORIDA   --  Florida's crackdown on spice and bath salts is expanding.
The synthetic drugs are commonly available at convenience stores.
They've been linked to hallucinations, seizures, and other dangers.
Attorney General Pam Bondi is committed to keeping these drugs off store shelves.
Since 2011 she's gotten more than one hundred ingredients banned.
A bill signed by Governor Rick Scott this week adds 27 chemicals to the list.

Store owners who sell illegal spice could face fines and jail time.
One store says they're doing their best to avoid the drugs.

"Here at the Psychadelic Shack you can find things like water pipes and even pain relieving capsules, but synthetic drugs are no where to be found."

Crystal Henry owner of the Psychadelic Shack in Pensacola says she's made it her business to stop synthetic drugs, from finding their way into her store.

Crystal Henry - Store Owner
"We've never ever sold bathsalts and have always been firm on that and will continue to keep that stance"

But it's not so easy for everyone.
It's like a game of cat and mouse for law enforcement, to keep these dangerous drugs off the street.
Because drug makers would often change the chemical make-up, just enough, to make it legal.

Now with the tougher law, banning 27 'more' substances, the playing field is starting to level out.

Darline McDole - Pensacola
"They're going in the right direction, I believe they are"
The Escambia County Sheriff's Office recently made 14-arrests, and collected over 9,000 grams of synthetic drugs last month.
Earlier this year, Santa Rosa Sheriff Deputies busted the 'E-Z Save Food Mart', and arrested the owner.
Betty Dekonty - Pensacola
"I just think they should get rid of all of them, it would be not too soon"

Charles Brower - Pensacola
"Those companies should pay for it, there should be some kind of fine given to those companies that are producing these kinds of drugs"

This year alone, 'several' stores were 'shut down' because they were selling the drugs.
But for workers at the Pyschadelic Shack, they say they don't have to worry about that.

John Brannon - Clerk
"If they were to come looking for bathsalts we tell them we never sold bathsalts here and it's illegal so we have to send them on their way and be respectful about it but we've never sold that stuff here"

"When I see other stores getting raided and hear about that, I don't have to worry one bit"     
Anyone caught selling the illegal synthetic drugs will face a third degree felony.