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Local law enforcement agencies hold mock hostage situation

LOCAL AREA   --  All week, officers in Boston have been dealing with life and death situations.
Today law enforcement agencies across the gulf coast worked together to make sure they're ready for a hostage situation.

Two people took over city hall and held  *seven people hostage while negotiating teams tried to diffuse the pretend training situation.

It can happen anywhere, at any time.   Someone walks into a packed building and takes innocent people as hostages.
That's why the Pensacola Police Department held a mock hostage take over at Pensacola City Hall.

Imagine this, you are sitting in a city hall meeting when
Now your life is on the line and you're depending on law enforcement  to help.
In this scenario,  two men are upset with the government and they have placed bombs in the city hall chambers..
And others across the city.
All they want to do is talk to the media and get their anti-government message across....
If not they will activate the bombs possibly injuring and killing innocent people.
Chris Wilkinson was on Pensacola Police Department's Negotiation Team for 17 years.
Friday he played the role of the bad guy...
Chris Wilkinson  "All of these situations are incredibly dynamic and they change direction on a dime and things are introduced that you didn't expect would be introduced, so you have to constantly think on your feet."
Law enforcement agencies from all over the gulf coast participated in the training.
The agencies were able to share information and learn from one another.

Jimmy Donohoe  "Some of the agencies don't have what we have and we can see what everybody else does and what we have you know it's sharing and hopefully getting trained at the same time."
First time negotiators were put in the hot seat trying to meet the demands of Wilkinson aka Suspect Maliki.
Karen Bray's objective get the hostages out safely and keep "Maliki" from setting off bombs.

Karen Bray  "I think I've got some of the first time jitters out of the way now, so I know really kind of what to expect I mean the person on the other end of the phone won't know what to expect and it's real life and peoples lives could be in danger."
Bray say's she learned several new techniques.
"To utilize our team to rely on them and know you're not there by yourself and that they are constantly bring new information to you which is very helpful, so you have to learn how to take the information and process it."

Officers also heard from guest speaker David Hussfelt  
He is the Superintendent of schools for Bay County and he and other school members were held hostage at one of their meetings back in 2010.
Today, Hussfelt shared with officers how he and board members were able to keep their cool to help diffuse the situation and negotiate with the gunman, until help arrived.