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Bill to repeal Ethanol requirement in gasoline going through legislature

FLORIDA  --  Most of the gasoline you can buy in Florida is blended with Ethanol.  That's been the law for five years.
Now a bill that would repeal that requirement is making its way through the legislature.

There seems to be plenty of support around here.
Laura Hussey "At the Fort Walton Beach Yacht  Basin, the owner can tell you stories about problems with ethanol in fuel. One boater told him the damage was so bad, he had to replace his whole gas tank"
Florida established the requirement that gasoline be blended with corn-based Ethanol as an attempt to start a new industry.
There's an exception for gas used in boats but one boat owner says  it costs more, and some people don't even know about it.

Gene Healey/Destin "People that trailer Jet Skis and trailer smaller boats that pull up to gas stations, they'll usually have problems"

Jewelry and Watch Express owner Don Henley has had those problems.
He keeps Ethanol far away from his boat, after seeing how it gums up and corrodes small engines.

Don "Then before you know it you're having to rebuild your carburetor on your chainsaw because it won't start because it's gummed up with corn syrup, basically"

Representative Matt Gaetz sponsored the bill to repeal the Ethanol requirement.
Supporters say instead of a new industry, Ethanol blends are creating unnecessary expenses.

Gene Healey "It's more problems for people that have like weed eaters, lawn mowers, that sit during the season and stuff like that, you're spending more money on small engine repair and things of that nature.
A senate bill was just amended to match the house version, but a tougher fight is expected there.
Don "We don't need it, we just don't need it. It's not good, and everything runs better without it"

Laura Hussey "Even if the Florida Legislature repeals the ethanol requirement, there would still be federal regulations in place."