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SRIA to vote on paying for the Blues to fly air show

PENSACOLA BEACH   --  The director of the Santa Rosa Island Authority, Buck Lee, says in order to fund an air show on Pensacola Beach this summer they would have to pay for the team to have fifteen full practices as well as everything involved with the air show.The arrival and circle maneuvers, the dress rehearsal and the air show.
The total cost is estimated at 1.2 million dollars.
The options that may be on the table to keep the big show a go.

I spoke with Buck Lee from the Santa Rosa Island Authority and he told me the SRIA members will discuss there options in a meeting tomorrow night.
I also talked to a lot of people here on Pensacola Beach who say they never thought they would see a day the Blues wouldn't fly over the beach.

Buck Lee  "I've lived here all my life and never thought I'd see that day, but I never thought. I'd see the federal government the way it is today."

The Blue Angels Air Show is the busiest weekend on Pensacola Beach.
Thousands of people come from all over to watch the Blues take to the sky.  Many were disappointed by the news.

Heather Gough "It's so wholesome and fun. It breaks your heart."
Brandon Myer "All the Florida residence we want our Blue Angels back."

The Blues have to keep flying to maintain their licenses, but will fly separately Some beach business like Shaggys donated 10,000 dollars to help pay for the Blues Beach Show.

Chris Briggs  "It's definitely going to take a little toll on our business.  To show the community loves it."

Some say they have mixed feelings but say the government had to cut somewhere.
Candy Duval  "We as Americans are so fortunate. Tough times need tough decisions."
Again no decision has been made if the SRIA will step in and try to pay the 1.2 million dollar bill on the air show.
They already pay around 150,000 on the show each year.
They will discuss all of this tomorrow night at there meeting.