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Even some spring breakers say trash left on beach is too much

WALTON   --  Too much noise, too much drinking and now, too much garbage.
Some locals say spring breakers are trashing a Destin Beach.
A look at the beach behind the Whale's Tail on Old Highway 98 in Walton County shows what this crowd is leaving behind.

Laura Hussey "In the last five days, the Walton County Sheriff's Office has written about four hundred citations for underage drinking. All those drinks mean a whole lot of containers a whole lot of trash"

They call it the "Whale's Tail Party", after a restaurant on the beach.
The location has been blasted on the Facebook pages of college students all over the southeast.

And what it looks like when the party's over, a beach most locals barely recognize.
Mike Butera/GA "It really is a big deal, I mean you got marine life dying, you got people stepping on beer cans, getting cut up"

When Miramar Beach resident Madra McDonald shared the pictures on Facebook, dozens of people responded venting shock, and making suggestions.

McDonald thinks the solution lies with re-educating spring breakers so we asked them why the beach is trashed.

Jessica Robinson/TX "Probably 'cause they're lazy. People are all really lazy around here, you know?"

Mike Butera "You know, I really think it's just ignorance, just ignorance you know. Just drunk"
Frank Cottrell/TX "I think having more containers available. Here there's quite a bit of containers, but as you see down the beach it's more spread out.

County crews do put out extra trash cans during spring break, and empty them more often.
The county also contracts a special beach cleaning machine at $500 a pop.

Reed Fondren and his friends say it's all needed, because getting this crowd to step up and clean up could be an uphill battle.

"I'm not real sure about how to  at the end of the day, it's having that care factor in there"
Laura Hussey "As locals struggle to find a solution to the trash problem, if there is one, there are several more weeks of spring break to go.