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Toddler that drank acid from sippy cup is released from hospital

MILTON   --  We have new information tonight on the Milton toddler who drank acid from a sippy cup.
He is now out of the hospital and in Foster Care with his two half brothers.       
His mother is in jail and his biological father is not in the picture.
But the father of his two half-brothers wants to help.
Adam Cain got a call at his Montana home after the little boy was hospitalized.
That incident put his own two sons in Foster Care since their mother was in jail.
Now he not only wants to bring his children back home, but also their 3-year-old half brother in hopes of giving him a better life.

Adam Cain is staying at a motel in Milton while he waits to take his two sons home.
They were put in Foster Care after their 3-year-old half brother, Brayden, drank some kind of acid from a sippy cup.
Police say it happened at their Milton home Pineyville Place Apartments, where their mother and her friends were making meth.

Adam Cain/Father:  "He was in an induced coma for seven days so they could get fluids and vitamins and everything into him because he couldn't eat.  He couldn't stay still.  He was hurting so badly that there wasn't anything that they were able to do if he was awake."
Brayden just got of the hospital this week.
Cain:  "They were worried that he might have to learn how to walk again and everything.  They were really worried about having some extreme damage.  But he lucked out and pulled through that."
Cain visits his sons every day and is happy to see Brayden recovering, but worries about the toddler's future.

Cain:  "He's the victim in this whole deal.  He didn't do anything wrong.  He's entirely innocent, but he's the one that's getting the worst part of it."
He wants to take all three boys back to his family's ranch in Reed Point, Montana a town of about of about 100 people.

Cain:  "That's going to affect Brayden a lot.  And that's going to affect Lane and Nate a lot too because they care for him.  They're their own tight little family because that's what they had, that's all they had."
Cain hopes to give them a better life, surrounded by family and love.
Cain:  "I'm just trying to do anything I can as far as for Brayden and for my boys.  Just get them out of this situation.  Just put this in the past."

The court is now sorting through the process of giving Cain custody of his two sons.
Adam Cain doesn't expect he'll be able to take Brayden home with the boys, but he doesn't want to give up his hope of keeping the boys together.