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Same-sex couple makes a stand in Pensacola

A Pensacola couple took a stand while tying the knot.

Nine state in the U.S. recognize same sex marriage. Florida is not one.

The Supreme Court is now looking into a ruling that would allow same sex couples to marry.

Millions of Facebook members changed their profile pictures to the equal sign in support of the Marriage Equality Movement.

Today is the day that Jonathan Franqui and Dwayne Beebe have been waiting for tying the knot in front of their family and friends.

Back in December the couple traveled to Maryland and on New Year’s Day to make their union legal.

But the couple says that wasn't enough. They wanted family and friends to witness the special occasion.

"Today is just so special because we'll because we'll be in front of our friends and family and to give our vows and it's amazing."

"All over the county people have come here to support us and it's a wonderful day."

Dwayne is a Senior Chief in the Navy and for years he was forced to live a secret.

After "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was lifted, he made sure everyone knew about the love of his life.

"It's defiantly one of those things you can look back on and say I was a part of something that could change history" said Matthew Banning.

This is the first same sex marriage Navy Chaplain Lt. Daniel Sorensen has officiated.

"How I preserve this is especially after the real of don't ask don't tells that we are treating everybody the same, so for me this is just one more wedding that I'm able to do for our salaries which is one of their benefits that they have a Navy chaplain able to provide for their needs," Sorensen said.

The two men hope their journey can help with the marriage equality movement.

"We're just being ourselves and doing and doing what everybody else does and it's beautiful."

"The way the country is moving and shifting I strongly feel that marriage equality will just be marriage equality for all."

Both Jonathan and Dwayne say they still plan to fight for equality.