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The Blues are back in town

NAS PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Northwest Florida welcomed back the Blue Angels tonight.
The team has been in their winter facility in El Centro, California since January third.
Today they were back onboard NAS Pensacola.
Channel 3's Anthony Pura was there as pilots were reunited with their families.

He also tells us what the blues think of the looming airshow cancellations.

The entire team is back home.
Even with the uncertainty surrounding their airshows.
Northwest Florida residents couldn't be more excited to have the blues back home.

The team arrived in typical Blue Angel fashion.

On the ground, family members anxiously waited for when the planes landed and the pilots stepped down..
A welcome back they've waited nearly 10 weeks.

Thomas Frosch, Blue Angel Pilot "Boss"
"Its great its the same level as a deployment, you know you go away for a long time, then that excitement to see your wife and kids, its was thrilling."

Their families aren't the only ones excited to have them back.
Vincent Distafano lives near the base and even though he's enjoyed the quiet, he missed the Blues blasting by his house.

Vincent Distefano, Lives by NAS
"I'll be waiting around, they'll be loud, they'll be flying around, one at a time, all six of em, it'll be great to see em."

The Blue Angel airshows are up in the air.
Half of their shows in April and most in May, canceled.
The rest of the year a giant question mark until further notice from Washington lawmakers.

Vincent Distefano, Lives by NAS
"I just hope the Republicans and Democrats will work together and get this sequester straighted out."

Thomas Frosch, Blue Angel Pilot "Boss"
"We don't have time to worry about what happens outside of the squadron, politically I have to believe our leaders will take care of that."

The team is preparing as if all remaining shows are good to go, keeping their focus on their maneuvers and each other, not the threat of being grounded.

Thomas Frosch, Blue Angel Pilot "Boss"
"We'll cross that road when we get to it. hopefully we stay proficient and turn some air shows when they figure it out."

The jets are back in the air Tuesday for practice.
They leave Thursday for their air show in Key West.
Reporting onboard NAS Pensacola, Anthony Pura, Channel 3 News.