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Budget cuts involving the Blue Angels will effect more than just the beach

NAS PENSACOLA   --   The Blues are back!
The Blue Angels arrived at NAS Pensacola yesterday to welcoming fans.
The public will get their first chance to see the Blues this year..

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 they'll perform circle and arrival maneuvers.
But, according to Public Information Officer Harry White, the autograph session afterwards is canceled.

The rest of the season remains uncertain.
The future of many businesses do too.
We are at Feminine Flair along Navy Boulevard.

And yes this is a Blue Angels flight suit.
This one belongs to the boss himself.
There's a whole set here ready to be picked up...

Right now dressing the Blues makes up close to 50 % of this shop's business.

You could call Sam Miller the team's personal tailor.
He keeps the pilots and support teams looking as sharp as their maneuvers in the air.

Sam Miller
16 guys getting 4 to 6 suits comes out to quite a few, so that's quite a few days involved

Making the flight suits is a year round gig.
Sam Miller
We can't do that many suit in two weeks, okay so we spread it out, its good for us and good for them....
We know we have a check coming from the Blues this week and I can pay my taxes and I can pay my people so for, so it impacts us

The shop is a three person operation.
So Miller isn't too worried about having to lay anyone off.

Sam Miller
But even so, rent is high, electricity is high, so we're probably going to have to cut back

It's not just Miller's shop or the businesses on the beach that would take a hit as the Blues absorb budget cuts.

Naturally its going to affect a lot of different stores even grocery stores, anything even retail stores it could affect

Sam Miller
They are a great team they do an awful lot for this community and I would be remiss them if say they won't miss them, of course I'll miss them

The shop has been making the Blues flight suit since 1986.
They hope they won't have to stop any time soon.

On Thursday the team will leaves for Key West for a weekend air show.
Two of the four scheduled airshows for April have been canceled so have three of their four shows in May.
And as the Blues future remains in doubt.
A spokeswoman for the Blues, say the team plans to practice every Tuesday and Wednesday morning...
But that is all being evaluated as well:
Practice days could be reduced or canceled show days could be replaced by practices