• ECSO investigating a shooting

    07/25/14 16:45:23

    Escambia deputies are investigating a shooting in the Montclair area. Witnesses say a 12 year old boy was shot. Authorities confirmed one person was transported to the hospital via trauma alert. More here

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Angels In Our Midst (XYZ)

We want to take you back to the first time we met Joseph and Margaret Molnar. It was July, 2006. Margaret Molnar was a homemaker and mother of five. Joseph Molnar was a hardworking provider; a church janitor. They had become victims of a violent home invasion by a tattooed assailant. Margaret Molnar: And that's when I told him you need God in your life and that's when he pulled his shirt up and he showed me that he had Jesus on one side and a cross on the other. Joseph Molnar:I'm angry to the extent of him brutalizing me like this, but other than that I feel sorry for him because he doesn't know what life is all about. Their attacker walked away in shame. The Molnars credit God with saving their lives that day. And almost a year to the day later, they say God sent a special group of Angels into their lives to rescue them again. Since the attack in their home, Miss Margaret's health has declined and Mr. Joe suffers memory lapses that have forced him to give up his driver's license and his daily drive to Mcdonalds. Tommy Franklin; Mr. Joe's Friend; We'd heard the news about Brother Joe had walked over to McDonalds during the heat of the day the day before and it just gripped my heart. You see, 86 year old Brother Joe had become disoriented and lost during his walk. The members of Navarre First Assembly Of God's X-Y-Z, Extra Years Of Zest Club, came to his rescue. Tommy; I just started typing and put together a schedule and asked them if they would participate and everybody said, yes, yes. The ten members volunteered to take turns picking up Mr. Joe and driving him the four mile round trip to Mcdonalds every day; Monday through Friday. Bill Skinner; XYZ Member; A lot of times we find out that the smallest things can mean so much to people. Joseph Molnar, Loves McDonalds; It's not a small thing, it's a big thing because if they wouldn't be doing this, I'd have to walk in to get it and I've done that already. And he got lost, Sue... I'll be back in a jiffy y'all. Dottie Sluka, Mr. Joe's Daughter; It's a little thing in the grand scheme of things but not to him. It means an awful lot. Mr. Joe; This just goes to prove that the world is full of good people. Bill; Just by looking around and seeing in the community, what can you do to help others. Voice of Brother Joe; The Lord has provided many things through my lifetime. This is unbelievable. Tommy; It has been real rewarding to see that we can contribute something to his happiness. These moments of happiness and knowing his daily journey is safe, are a relief to Brother Joe's family. Dottie; To say thank you will never, never be enough. For their love, their concern and their caring for my father and my mother.