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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels in our Midst (Pamela Woodiwiss)

When her daughter went off to college and her son to flight school, Pamela Woodiwiss wanted to do something of value with her time. She looked back on her own childhood and knew just where she could do the most good.

Pamela joined big Brothers/Big Sisters and became an Angel in our Midst.

"Quite introverted when I first met her. I immediately saw the potential there but I also realized that she didn't know how to reach that potential," Pamela said.

Deanna Kelly, Skyler's mom; She was also going through a lot because her father and i were separating and there was a lot going on.

That was the ten year Skyler Kelly that Pamela Woodiwiss met when she became a Big Sister volunteer four years ago. That's when a transformation began for one little girl.

Skyler; She's let me meet a bunch of different people that I don't think I would have ever met. And we go different places that I would have never been able to go. 

Deanna Kelly, Skyler's mom; She came in and just gave that extra special attention to Skyler that it's hard as a single mom that I can't give.
Pamela Woodiwiss, Big Sister; I had a very troublesome childhood and I was always searching for a mentor; someone to guide me, help me out with good choices.

From the pain of her own childhood, Pamela would help skyler chart a different path; giving her new opportunities.

Skyler Kelly, little sister; I would have never found out about the flight academy.

Skyler's mom; Who would have ever thought that she would be able to do something like that. She even said that was the best part of her summer. So, just going and watching her graduation at the flight academy just gave me chills.

Pam's been an encourager, not letting her give up the violin so quickly.

Pamela; I've taken her to symphonies at the Saenger Theatre and she's really enjoyed that. And she can kind of see that if she sticks with something, she could be up there as well.

And there's school.

Pamela; Now she's completely, total "A" student for the past four years and she gets rewarded for that.
Pamela introduced Skyler to the idea of applying for the high school international baccalaureate program. She gave the introduction and a little push.

Skyler's mom; and Pamela behind Skyler's ear, come on now, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. You know, and her I am working and stuff not being able to get behind her and push her, I had that extra special angel to the side helping me.

They'll find out next month if Skyler is accepted into the program but regardless, she's got the foundation to make her way wherever she goes. And she has a pretty good idea right now where her future's heading.

Skyler; I want to be an anesthesiologist.

Pamela; She has a bright future ahead of her. She wants to be an anesthesiologist.

Kind of opened up a whole different world for you, hasn't she?

Whole different universe.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.