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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels in our Midst (Kathy Lambert)

Some thieves stole from her children and what they took was more than "Things." They took their dreams.

A mother's emotional plea to those thieves touched the heart of an Angel in our Midst.

Kathy Lambert, Thieves stole from her children;  It's kind of like their escape area that they go to after school; they like to read their A-R books and, you know, just dream their little dreams.

When someone stole her little girls'  dreams, their playset similar to this one, Kathy Lambert turned to the internet with a mother's plea and an Angel heard it.
Joanna Trease, Read a mother's plea;  I was looking around on Craigslist and I came across this post and it was basically just a plea from a mother talking about someone who had stolen her children's playset.  She wasn't asking for anything. It wasn't like, hey, someone help me.  

But, Joanna Trease felt compelled to help.  She sought out Kathy and learned some painful things.  She and her daughters, Kristen 11 and Savannah, age 9 are basically homeless and living with a friend.  With no place to put it up, they disassembled the playset they'd had since better days, and laid it out on this piece of property where Kathy hopes to someday build her girls a new home.

Mom;  We're just doing a simple house on a crawl space with an attached garage and there's going to be a room above the garage for the girls. 
 YOUR DREAM HOUSE?  Yeah, yeah, my dream house.  If we ever get it started.

Dreams are what have kept Kathy going.  The theft of her children's playset only added to her many trials.

Kathy;  Over 98 % of my bone marrow was Leukemic and they gave me two weeks to live and that was in 2005, so, God had other plans for me.  But, unfortunately, I lost most of my vision after my transplant.

In spite of her own struggles, Kathy has no ill feelings for the thieves, only for them to stop and think.

Kathy;  I just really  wanted them to know how they other side feels.
You know, Christmas is coming, I don't want them out there stealing kids' Christmas gifts.

Joanna; Our actions have repercussion and we may not always see them. Hopefully, they'll see this and realize that it really hurt a mother and her children.

Though it wasn't asked, Joanna wanted to replace the stolen playset.
Joanna;  I tried to get some of my friends together to raise some of the money and we did come up with a little bit of money but I knew that it would be bigger than I could do alone.

They haven't come up with the money yet but it is just the thought that someone cared enough to try that touches a mother's heart and restores her dreams.

Mom;  It just shows that there are still a lot of good hearted people out there.  And it gives you a nice feeling to know that the world's not all bad.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.