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Angels in our Midst (Mick Breault)

He was a volunteer member of their board of directors for eight years. When the Waterfront Rescue Mission needed an intermim director to run day to day operations, he was their choice.

Mick Breault took on the job for six months. Why he's still there four and half years later, doing the work of the Angels in our Midst.

David;  "Peace, solitude."
That's what David Showers finds at the Pensacola Waterfront Rescue Mission.  That is what brings him here every day.

David Showers, Finds Refuge at Waterfront;  "Keeps me, keeps me out of trouble, that's the main thing."

And the person keeping the peace and solitude and making opportunities for the homeless is someone you might least expect to find here.   Mick Breault was a prominent businessman, running 91 Pizza Hut restaurants between Pensacola and Tallahassee.  Now he spends long days walking among the least, the last and the lost.

Rev. John Findlay, Waterfront Day Resource Center Manager;  "Mick was always a servant leader.  He always cared about the poor and needy."

Mick;  "I came from a home, my dad is an alcoholic.  I grew up with it.  I grew up around it.  I understand it.  I have a real empathy for the guys who have trouble with addiction."

Mick;  "People are people.  And I just look at a human being as a human being.
Stop and look and put yourself in that position because any day, you could be there."

Whatever brings them to the streets, Mick wants to show them the way out.  He has overseen the expansion of the mission to help meet the growing number of people coming through the doors and to offer more services for long-term success.  Mick is hands on, like when an elderly homeless woman was robbed and had no ID.

Rev. Findlay;  "I had a need of a 70 year old lady who could not get any checks cashed.  Well, Mick just didn't leave that to someone else, he said, Well, come on, we'll get this done."

David;  "People who can be down on their spirit, down on their luck, he brings them up because they've got somewhere to go, they've got somewhere to eat, they've got somewhere to sleep."

Mick;  "God put us all on this earth and I really believe that he put us here to help those that are down and out.  He tells us that the poor will always be among us and He asks us to look after them."

Mick and the Waterfront Rescue Mission count on the compassionate hearts in the community.  It is only through those donations of money, food during the holidays, and items for the thrift store that the doors stay open.  The reward for Mick is each time he sees a soul come in at the lowest point in life and leave renewed and with hope.

Mick; "God's picked him up out of that gutter and brought him back and I just get to stand by and watch all of that happen.  It's a miracle a day here and I just love it. "

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.