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Angels in our Midst (Joshua Bradshaw)

Joshua;  I think that I'm very fortunate for what I have.
 At nine years old, Joshua Bradshaw already knows about counting your blessings.  Volunteering with his dad and mom for charities like Manna Food Pantries, he understands that their are many people who are struggling.

Joshua;  They're probably sleeping in their car tonight and trying to find a place ot sleep.
It just makes me feel really sad.

Joshua sets his own alarm clock for before the crack of dawn so he can join his dad for the fill the Mayflower Food Drive For Manna. At 5 am his parents don't make him or his seven year old sister Gracie come out and work but they "have" set the example.  They have taught them that there are children not as fortunate as they are.

Jay;  That don't have food on the table that they can eat every night of the week.  That their parents aren't home all the time.  I want them to have a caring heart and to know that they're doing the right thing by being out here.

Joshua Bradshaw, Gathering food for the hungry;  Actually, for my birthday, instead of getting presents, I do Manna, so that might be a good idea.

We also have money right over there and that's good too.
The children have taken the initiative and have sought out ways to help. 

Jay;  We feel we've led them by example but they've taken the reins themselves.  For birthday parties, they collect food for Manna, not toys.  Or they collect coats or they collect school supplies.  We've never asked them to do that.

And that's a blessing in itself, that we leave a legacy of compassion in our children. 
Jay;  I take a lot of pride in knowing we are helping out a lot of people.  Teaching our children the rules, responsibilities.  It's not always about them, it's about others.

Just looking at Joshua's sweat streaked face, you know this is about more than words or show;  he has poured his heart and his soul into this mission. 
Joshua;  I haven't been counting how many times I've been up the stairs because I'd get lost.

I'll bet you're tired aren't you.
Yes, very tired, actually.
Still he's already looking forward to his next opportunity to make a difference.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.