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Angels in our Midst (Brad King)

How far would you go for someone else?
How rough a road are you willing to travel?
We want to share an inspiring story about the distance a man is going for his comrades and the distance another is going for a friend.
They're both going the distance of the Angels in our Midst.
Brad King; There was only one person I could think of to ask to run the marathon with me. I knew Alan was patriotic enough, he's stubborn enough that he wasn't going to let something like this whup him.

Alan Moses, Marathon With 50 lbs and Combat Boots;  We're going to run the Pensacola Marathon with 50 pound ruck sacks and combat boots.

Brad King and Alan Moses have been friends since childhood and have embarked upon many adventures together.  Brad, a former Army Ranger, came up with this plan to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project; for his comrades returning home with the physical and emotional scars of war.

Brad King;  They're always telling me that they're going on a Wounded Warrior Hunt or Wounded Warrior is helping them out with a new magic leg or a new prosthetic or a new treatment.
There's an avenue that I can get them more help.
Brad;  We wanted to do something big enough that you didn't mind giving a little bit of money to help these guys out; something that was demanding, something that was challenging.

Running 26.2 miles with a 50 pound ruck sack and wearing combat boots. Well, that is something big and quite frankly, a lot to ask, even of a friend.  Alan, now an Atlanta businessman, still couldn't say no.  If Brad could do it, surely, he could.

Alan;  He's a couple years older than I am; four or five years older than me.
They're running five days a week, averaging eight miles a day.  One day a week, they do a 12 to 14 mile run.

Alan;  I've had to retrain my body to shuffle rather than run, the stride you take, the way you plant your feet, diet.

On those long, hard stretches, Brad thinks about the load his buddies carry on the battlefield in brutal conditions.

Brad;  This is something simple in comparison to what they're doing.  26.2 miles with 50 pounds, to them is laughable.

Alan;  When you think of the sacrifices these men and women have had to-- - they face everyday, that's motivation enough for me.

That and a little friendly competition will help them stay the course.
Brad;  They'll be jaw jacking and smack talking for probably the first 15 miles, probably not so much the downhill portion of the race.
We will cross the finish line together whether he has to catch up with me later on or not.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.