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Angels in our Midst (Kim Licudine)

I received an email from a young lady who was dismayed over the images seen across the nation of the middle school students taunting a bus aide.
She just wanted to say that not all teens are like that.
Her words were so touching, I went to meet her and what I found was an Angel in our Midst.

14 year old Kimberly Licudine's school day starts at 9:15 at Workman Middle School but at 7 every morning she's heading to class at Holm Elementary.

This is Kim's third year volunteering in Miss Cotita's kindergarten class.
Kim Licudine, Holm Elementary School Volunteer;  I just try to make them happy every morning, come in with a smile.

Amber Cotita, Holm Elementary Kindergarten Teacher;  She comes through the door with a smile everyday She says, Good morning, to the children and that means a lot to them.  Sometimes they come in and no one's said that quite yet to them this morning.

This dedication comes in a petite package with a soft voice and a sweet disposition, one that reaches these children.

Ms. Cotita;  When she's working with them and they're struggling, she is always very encouraging.  She gives them high fives, stickers, pats on the back.  Always makes them feel like she cares about them.

Her gift in the classroom comes honestly and by an excellent example; her mother.

Kim;  My mom was the Pre-K autism teacher here.  
Two weeks before school let out last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer so, it's been hard but

 What is hard had only made Kim stronger and even more determined to keep coming and to keep making a difference here.  It is for the children and for her mom.

Kim;  Every morning before I leave, she has chemo so sometimes she's not feeling well, but, she's always proud to see me walk out the door.

Any parent would be proud of teenager with this much dedication and drive; especially in the face of her own adversities.  As well as volunteering at Holm everyday, Kim in actively involved in the Health Occupations Club, the Robotics Club, track, basketball, cross country *and* she works with Autism Pensacola. 

Amber;  It's a huge commitment and she is so responsible.
I can always depend on her.

As for the children who have come to depend on her,  Kim is just as proud of them and and the strides they make everyday while overcoming challenges.

Kim;  For me, it feels like I've accomplished something.  If they did learn a new word, they'll come up and tell me, Hey, I learned this new word today.
It's as much an accomplishment for me as it is for them.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.