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Angels in our Midst (Ikyll and Sixto Junco)

November is National Adoptions Month. It's a time to recognize those incredible angels who open their hearts and their homes to children who need them.

We wanted to introduce you to one couple who has done than more than a time or two.

Ikyll Junco, Adoptive Parent;  When we got married, we knew that was going to be a part of our family planning; to adopt children.  We didn't know how many, you know, one or two.

 Three, four, five.  That's the count, so far, of children adopted into Sixto and Ikyll Junco's family along with their two biological children.  For dad, the seed of adoption was planted early, at age 16 when his mother died suddenly. 

Sixto Junco, Adoptive Parent;  A family took me in and it was their love during that really difficult time that helped me to see the impact that someone can have on a life.
So, let's meet the Junco siblings.  The eldest is their biological son, 23 year old Anthony, who's backpacking in Europe after teaching in Korea.  20 year old Michelle is a Special Ed major at UWF.  She was adopted at birth.  Then came David, their 19 year old biological son who is Pre-Med at UWF.  12 year old Sasha was also adopted at birth.

Ikyll;  We don't feel like a child is yours because you've given birth to them.  They're yours because you're raising them, you're loving the, you're training them.

Sixto;  Right off the bat, they knew that we loved them; that we chose them.
That was so important for the most recent additions to the family.  They were older children who brought their pain and fears; a sibling group of three.  11 year old Scyonna, 10 year old Andre and the little man, 5 year old Philip.

Ikyll;  People thought we were crazy.  We kind of thought we were crazy.
We didn't know how we were going to grocery shop, how everybody's going to sleep.  But, it all did come together. 

Challenges and all, it's working, it's family.  If you didn't know, you couldn't tell who's biological and who is adopted.  All of the children are active, thriving, smart and happy.

Sixto;  It's made me realize the impact, the incredible impact we can have, not on one person but really on society.

While they take it one day at a time, Ikyll and Sixto do look to the future with hope for their children.  And that hope is for pretty simple things.

Ikyll;  I really want to invest in their life so that they can be adults who are responsible, they have moral integrity, that they are comfortable in their own skin with being who they are.

Because there is a feeling they also want them to experience.
Sixto;  I just love being a dad, I really do.  Can't think of anything better.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.