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Angels In Our Midst (Anonymous)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY - They don't seek any fanfare or even a quiet acknowledgement. They very quietly do the good that they do. They are people like the man who just eased the load for a little boy and his family. They are the Angels In Our Midst who wish to remain anonymous. Voice of Lundy Hardy; It's hard...when you have a child with disabilities and you have to do so much as far as getting them in and out of the vehicle; especially with him getting so big. Almost six year old Marshall Hardy is a big boy now. He's a growing child with Muscular Dystrophy. His family turned to the C-I-L Disability Resource Center hoping they could help. Danny Broxson, CIL Disability Resource Center; We provide equipment and services to help people remain independent. So, some of these items might be a wheelchair, might be a bedside commode, might be a hospital bed. Unfortunately, they don't have handicap accessible vehicles to give to families. Well, not usually. It just so happens that days after Marshall's mom came for help, an Angel also dropped by to donate a van. Danny; The person who owned the van, his wife passed away. And he was so moved by what we had been able to do, he decided to donate the van. And the center is transfering the title to Marshall's family along with a new lease on life. Marshall; It's awesome. Lundy Hardy, Marshall's mom; My husband is the only one that works. To buy something like this would be not in our budget. Because, I mean, the way gas prices are the cost of living nowdays, just barely getting by, you know. Marshall's already learning how to operate his wheelchair lift...And he already knows where he wants to go. Marshall Hardy, Ready to ride; To Disney. Who are you going to see at Disney? Mickey Mouse. Lundy; This is going to make everything a lot better, it really is. This is a blessing, very big blessing. The Hardy family doesn't know who just made life so much better for them. That person doesn't want any attention for just doing what he felt was right. Danny; A lot of times, people want to give back for what they have received or just for the joy of giving. To that special person, Marshall may not know who you are, but he knows what he wants to tell you. Marshall; Thank you. Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.