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Angels In Our Midst -

MILTON - When Reverend Brian Nall surveyed the community around Ferris Hill Baptist Church in Milton, he saw a lot of poverty, a lot needs, a lot of hurting people. The scriptures, Isaiah 58 came to mind so he expanded their ministry to reach out to feed, to clothe, to help those neighbors. Reverend Nall charted a path right to church's door. We'll take you along I-58 where a distressed traveler met the Angel in her Midst. Veronica Cromwell, Seeking Help; I had just had my baby and I needed help and I was living on the street. I came here to get clothes and food. Barbara Unruh, I-58 Ministry; The food and clothes are just kind of the first step because then as you get to meet the people, you get to know more of the needs that they have in their lives and sometimes we are able to do more. More is exactly what Veronica Cromwell needed. And at this point, nothing short of a miracle. She crossed paths with Barbara Unruh. Veronica; I was an addict in distress asking for help. Barbara; When I first met her, she was struggling so and wanted life to be better and just needed someone to walk alongside and encourage her. Veronica; Through her kind words, you know, she kept bringing me back. Whenever she saw me, she would offer me help and she was still being kind to me and I ain't had too many people be that kind. Rev. Brian Nall, Ferris Hill Baptist Church; Just life gets difficult at times and she likes to walk alongside these individuals. It's not just a joy for her, it's just an intense, almost a life calling. Those "walk-alongs" are often uphill and tedious journeys but Barbara says she herself never walks alone. Perhaps that's why she is untiring and unfailing in her commitment to others; no matter the day, or the hour... Veronica; She helped me get in rehab. She helped me find a place to stay. She takes me to the doctor. Rev. Nall; She has helped individuals get to night classes. Sat with them in court, helped pick them up, visited them in jail. Barbara reaches out to every one of those individuals the same way; with a sweet spirit and unconditional love. Veronica; She was one of a kind. She really was. She never judged me. That's the one thing I liked about her. No matter what, no matter how I came here looking, you know, you know an addict still has their ways and the way they look. No matter how I came in here, she still welcomed me with open arms. It was more like, uh, she "was" my angel. Barbara; That's why I'm here. That's why I do what I do; so that when these chances come along, maybe one life at a time, we can make a difference. Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.