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Angles In Our Midst (Nick Mciver)

Some people consciously make the decision themselves. For others, family members make that sometimes difficult decision when they are gone. Either way, the Mciver family says it is a compassionate choice to give the gift of life. They wanted to say "Thank You" to the Angels In Our Midst. Nick Mciver is a nine year old boy who loves to run around and play. In fact, running and playing led to a discovery that changed his life. Nick McIver, 9 year old; I was running around in my house and my wrist hit the door knob and I went to my mom and said, that really hurt and she saw it was swelling. Her medical background let mom know this wasn't "Normal" swelling. Her suspicions were right. Nick; I got Ewing's Sarcoma. It's a rare cancer that happens to only about 200 people a year in the United States. The cancer had attacked the bone is his left arm and would have to be removed. He was hospitalized for eight months, undergoing chemotherapy. Nick faced the prospect of losing that arm, or worse, but for the kindness of a stranger. Nick; I have a cadaver bone and if it weren't for that person who donated it when he died... Candy McIver, Nick's mom; Number one, it gave him his life and it gave him his arm. He probably would not have been able to keep his arm if it hadn't been for someone donating that graft. Even at his young age, Nick understands the sacrifice someone made for him. He has come with his family to this memorial to honor the families of the organ and tissue donors. Nick; If it wasn't for the little boy or girl who donated their bone. I would still probably be in the hospital. And Candy Mciver knows that some other mother had to suffer a loss for her child to live. Mom; And to know that they give a gift so unselfishly at probably one of the most horrific times of their lives, is something, I, there are no words. There are no words how you could ever put in words that kind of thanks and that kind of gratitude. Mom; They give a gift that is beyond all gifts.