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Angels In Our Midst (Faye Adams)

They don't work the high profile jobs. There isn't much glamour in what they do. They stand on old fashioned principles and work ethic and they inspire us with their dedication and heart. The heart of people like Faye Adams. Voice of Faye Adams; A custodian...has custody of a building or a guardian or a keeper. Faye Adams has been the guardian and keeper of Holley Navarre Intermediate School for 32 years, seven months. She ended up here at a time when she really needed a job. Faye; I felt like the Lord had led me here and I told him that I would do the best I could. He was faithful to keep me in the job. A job with good benefits, good working conditions. And Miss Faye has been faithful to her word. She has never shunned a minute's work, no matter what it was. Faye; My generation was raised that way. I've put school desks together, unpacked books, unloaded trucks, grounds care, cleaned clasrooms, changed light bulbs. Sandra Jernigan, P.E. Teacher; She takes pride in all the tables being in line. They had to have three blocks between each row. Everything was in order with Faye. And she paid just as much attention to the children. Quietly looking; watching to see who might need a motherly touch. Sandra; She took them under her wing and they were her assistant. And that wsa their pride and joy for the day to be able to come and help Miss Faye. Bye Miss Faye. Bye. Have a great day. Faye; They just looked like they needed someone to care; someone to give them some encouragement. You know, sometimes that'll make the difference in their whole day. David Sigurnjak; Assistant Principal; When our school came together to pray for a family member that was near death's door and Miss Faye led that prayer. And that's when I realized she was not only an angel, she was a saint. Health issues have slowed the Saint's steps of late. She says the divine intervention that led her here, was leading her again. Faye; I thought, well, since they weren't getting any better that that must be my sign from the Lord it's time to let someone else take over. As she retires, everyone will tell you, from the first day to the last, Miss Faye gave nothing but her best. Sandra; She will be missied.