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How you eat chocolate may help you enjoy it more

It's not just *what you eat -- but *how* you eat it that may help you enjoy a food.
A new study on *Chocolate*.
We are gonna make a gonache where we fill the shells with and them top them

Shalini Latour makes Latour chocolates out of her own customized kitchen now --but her love for chocolate began as a child, my mom is from Belgium and every Christmas we would get a package from family in Belgium, It had presents for everyone,, but all we really wanted was the box of chocolate.

That hasn't changed much she says even as an adult.
Her friend Lori Pierce is a big fan  -- and a big bundle of knowledge when it comes to all the reasons to eat chocolate -just for the health of it --

Chocolate lowers your blood pressure,, it's great for your heart,, it can help prevent strokes , it has something called flavonioids, that help your heart, lower blood pressure and act like taking a couple of aspirin a day.
It was no surprise to this group of chocolate lovers that a new study says many of us have certain rituals to how we eat chocolate -

Some people take a little bite, let it melt, let it kind of get all the flavors in your mouth, pop the whole thing swallow it.

In addition to that however ,, you may also notice that the way you eat chocolate may be different than someone else -- and that could make a difference in how you enjoy it,, for example in this study which is published in Psychological Science, they had two groups of people eat chocolate in two different ways. One group had to unwrap a bar eat half of it, and wrap it back up, the other group got to break off the chocolate, eat it the way they wanted, eat it the way they like it and they enjoyed it even more. 

It depends on my mood, but I like to enjoy it all, so I pretty much stuff my mouth.
I personally let chocolate melt,, I don't even chew it.
Which kind of reminds us --the only wrong way to eat it -- is perhaps not to share it!

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