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Buddy Check 3 August (Mollye Barrows)

In today's Buddy Check Three it's time for my mammogram the first one I've ever had.
Friend and reporter Kathryn Daniel talked me into getting the exam on camera.
She owes me lunch.
Mollye's like most moms busy with work, busy with baby putting her self last.
(("I just kept putting it down further down on my list which is a foolish thing to do so once I turned 40 I knew I can't put it off any longer.  I have to do this now."))
Two of Mollye's maternal aunts had breast cancer.
(("Just listening to my own aunts, that it's important to do the self exams and it's important to stay on top of 'em but again I just thought it would never happen to me and this is a good way to go ahead and get in that habit."))
Mollye says some friends have told her that mammograms are painful others have told her they're not.

She's curious and maybe just a little worried.
The mammographer takes two 3-D images of each breast positioning Mollye so even the muscles of her chest wall are included in the shots.

So far, she says it's mildly uncomfortable but not painful.
(("I think a lot of the reason that women don't want to come is one, they're afraid that it's going to hurt or two, they're afraid of what we're going to find."))

Radiologist Doctor Kimberly Garcia says Mollye is following the proper protocol for mammograms beginning them at age 40.

She says Mollye should have one each year and because her relatives with breast cancer history aren't first degree relatives, like a mom, sister or daughter she does not need to have them more often than that.
Once completed -- Mollye weighs in on the exam.
(("Wasn't bad at all actually.  I thought it would be a little more painful, a little more awkward, but everyone was so pleasant."))
Time for her results.  Dr. Garcia sits down with Mollye to looks at her films and answer questions. 

She says she's looking for symmetry and checking for masses or calcifications, which look like grains of sands.

Thankfully, she finds neither.  Mollye's first mammogram is clean.
Garcia says she tells women -- don't be afraid.  Even if their mammogram reveals a problem area there's plenty of reason for hope.

(("We're seeing breast cancer so much earlier with the annual screening that these ladies are surviving.  2.9 million survivors in 2013.  We're catching them earlier.  The number of breast cancer related deaths is decreased by over 30% since the 1990s."))

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