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Study: eating peanuts while pregnant

When you're pregnant it's tough to figure out what you can eat. and what's not too good of an idea to eat.
Now, there's a new study on nuts and whether eating them is safe for your unborn child.
Peanuts for most of us, are a high-protein snack. For about 1 in 50 kids, they are a deadly allergy risk.
    So many mothers fear a child's exposure to peanuts even before they are born.

Pregnant women were told that eating peanut products might increase the risks their child would develop an allergy.

But today, researchers at Northwestern turn this idea on its head reporting in their study of more than 8,000 children that the more peanuts a woman eats during her pregnancy, the less likely her child is to have a peanut allergy.

Think of it as something like a vaccine, the body learns to recognize peanut as something safe.  For peanut-loving moms it could be one less thing to worry about.