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Passengers of US Airways flight advised to get a TB test

TEXAS  --  Now to a dangerous health scare in the air -- when a passenger flying from Austin to Phoenix was discovered to have a highly contagious and potentially deadly health condition  - only after the flight took off!
How the passenger was let on the plane in the first place.
Everything seemed normal as US Airways Express Flight 2846 took off Saturday  afternoon from Austin, Texas.

But once in the air -- a frightening development the TSA notifying the airline -- that a passenger on board had just been put on the no-fly list because of a medical condition. The rest of the 74 passengers and crew members -- potentially at risk. We spoke to one of those passengers overnight.

Dean Davidson   As we were taxing, a stewardess came down the aisle she had a mask and she instructed the gentleman to put a mask on

This morning-- it's believed that condition was tuberculosis...Though US Airways won't confirm.
The warning that came from the CDC did not occur until after the flight had departed. So the passenger did not have a red flag in their reservation system or any warning there.

When the plane landed in Phoenix two hours later-- paramedics and police swarmed. Passengers were told to get a T.B. test and follow up with the CDC.

The Maricopa County Public Health Department-- also confirming to ABC News
That they were notified "of an unconfirmed case of tuberculosis."

The fireman said he has tuberculosis, he's contagious, you must see your physicians immediately and you must be tested in three months' time.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection of the lungs-- that is contagious and sometimes deadly. But the CDC tells us even if it was T.B. "exposure to other passengers would be unlikely".

The question now -- why was the man allowed to board in the first place.