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HEALTH NEWS: Holiday Weight gain

How many cookies have you eaten during the holiday months?
On average, Americans gain three to five pounds from the time Thanksgiving's hit to new year's.
Some tips on how to get on track for the new year.
You might be brave enough to get on a scale in the coming days or weeks  and then not like the number you see.

Victor Grant- Personal Trainer, Riviera  Fitness
"Every year we put on 3 to 4 pounds that don't go away if we don't say active."

It's time to put down those sweets...
Ashley Johnson- "I have to stay away from them. Can't have them in my house."
...and start thinking about those new year resolutions.

"The easiest way to get started is to start simple. give yourself 20-30 minutes a day a couple times of week."

But actually making it to the gym can be a challenge for some.
"Even if you are tired and you don't want to come, make yourself. You will feel better after."

Austin Beede-   "After I see results it makes me want to come more."
And even if you do fall off the bandwagon...

Victor Grant- Personal Trainer, Riviera  Fitness
"Write it off as a bad day and keep going."

Joining a gym this time a year can actually save you money. They often offer discounts before and after the New Year.
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