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HEALTH NEWS: Testosterone treatments and infertility

It's a drug that promises to boost energy, muscle and libido--but one Kansas doctor has some warnings about it.

Drug manufacturers have spent billions on advertising testosterone for men..
The ads have helped triple the number of low "T" prescriptions since 2001.
Jim Kesterson and his wife wanted to have a baby, but he was told he had low "T" levels
So, his doctor told him to start testosterone treatments.
But, two years later they still couldn't have a baby.
Their new doctor believes the problem was the testosterone treatments.

Dr. Ajay Nangia says nine percent of his infertility patients have been on testosterone and its often *not the solution.

"Testosterone shuts down sperm production."
"Your low T is a reflection sometimes of poor lifestyle. It's a vicious circle. When you get heavy, guess what? Your estrogen goes up, your t goes down."

Testosterone comes with other risk factors: Heart risks, a possible risk of prostate cancer and liver damage.
Doctor Nangia and drug manufacturers warn patients to do the proper tests before taking the drug.