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HEALTH NEWS: Firm parenting may guard against obesity in kids

Most parents hate being the bad guy, but a new study may make it a little more appealing.

Takes a look at how being strict could have a surprising benefit for your kids.
Permissive parenting, late bedtimes and lack of discipline could it make your children fat?

That's exactly what one new study suggests.  Australian researchers studied more than 4,000 children over 5 years. They surveyed their parents to assess how strict or lenient they were. Then they tracked the weight and height of the kids.

Parents who set forth clear rules and expectations at home and emphasized discipline had kids who were less likely to be overweight. 

More lenient parents, on the other hand, had kids who were more likely to be obese.

The researchers suggest that kids who have more structure are less likely to overeat and more likely to get both enough sleep and enough physical activity. For parents, the message is clear - being firm may mean more than just better behavior - it may mean better health.

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